My Detox

Published July 3, 2011 by Polana Fowdrey

I’ve been “off-grid” for a few days whilst undergoing a mini detox.
My raw food journey thus far has been interesting, enlightening and sometimes challenging, but I am loving it and learning more about myself than I thought possible from a diet!
I’ve lost just over half a stone in weight, but that’s not my main reason for doing it, although I had started getting a bit “chunky” with all those cakes! I felt that I need to become healthier and I’m already noticing changes.
My headaches are decreased and my aches & pains have almost gone, but these past few days I’ve discovered the most so far.
Part of my detox was to avoid technology. I sat in bed reading, exercised and mostly just drank smoothies for 3 days. When I returned to ‘civilisation’, I had no emails, no phone messages, 1 text and only 2 updates on Facebook, so clearly the world can manage without me!
I felt very cold towards the end of my first day and this, apparently is normal. My sense of smell has cranked up a notch. Some smells are now simply disgusting to me, where they were relatively unnoticed before. And I discern some pleasant scents more clearly than before and this is nice.
On the second day, I experienced intense lower back pain which was only slightly relieved by applying a hot water bottle. This has mostly gone, after 3 days, but I clearly need to identify the root of my joint pains. The consultant has ruled out any degenerative disease, which is a relief, but I do see a physiotherapist so I hope he can help me unravel my problems.
Mentally, with no computer or mobile phone to distract me, I managed to read 1 1/2 novels and sort out a lot of worries which had been playing on my mind.
And I slept… oh how I slept! I must have had a lot of healing to do because we heal in our sleep.
I feel really good now, both physically and mentally. I’m much more positive, and looking forward to another detox in a few weeks!


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