What Am I Going To Do With This Aubergine?

Published July 26, 2011 by Polana Fowdrey

One of my favourite Chinese take-away dishes is “Sea Spicy Aubergine” and we had an aubergine in the fridge, so I thought I should try and do something with it.
OK, my results weren’t the same as the Chinese restaurant, obviously, but it was mighty tasty!

Sea Spicy Aubergine
1 aubergine, cut into slices, then sliced into strips
For the marinade:
1/2 cup olive or hemp seem oil (they really drink it up!)
1 handful seaweed sprinkle
Rock Salt
Garlic flakes
Sesame seeds
Mix everything together

Roll the aubergine in the marinade to thoroughly cover it .
Leave to soak up the oil for several hours or overnight. Stir again to coat the aubergine with marinade.
Dehydrate on 105 degrees F until you are happy with the texture really. Mr H enjoyed them quite firm. I preferred mine to have ‘baked’ a bit longer. About 6 hours should do it.
Use a teflon sheet if you prefer, but remember to turn them over after a couple of hours and remove the sheet. I put them straight onto the tray and they were fine.

The salt and seaweed gives a nice ‘sea vegetable‘ taste and the sesame seeds add some excellent texture.



Originally published on www.pollyskitchen.blogspot.com


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