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Super Cookies and Super Pancakes

Published July 27, 2011 by Polana Fowdrey

One of the nice things about having a dehydrator is the range of interesting textures you can get from your raw food with it. I love experimenting in the kitchen and to be honest, green smoothies and salads, while delicious and very good for me, weren’t always very inspiring. I was craving cooked food. But not, I suspected, for the nutrition, but more for the feel-good factor. I needed some crunch, some goo, some nom, basically!
So I regard dehydrated food as Methadone for cooked food addictions – it satisfies the craving, without giving in to the addiction. And it can make a meal soooo much more interesting. I’ve never been one of those vegan martyrs who chews on tasteless cardboard ‘because it’s good for me.’ If I don’t like it, I simply won’t eat it. Period!
So here are two recipes which satisfy the baked food craving:

Super Cookies

1 cup of almond or cashew pulp from making nut milk
1 cup vine fruits, soaked
1 banana, mashed
1 dsp lucuma powder
1 dsp mesquite powder
1 dsp maca powder
2 tsp coconut butter/oil
1 tsp stevia powder or alternative sweetener
1 tsp ground mixed spice

Mix all the ingredients together and roll into small balls. Flatten them (as thin as possible) and place on a dehydrator tray.
I ‘baked’ mine overnight, which was about 7 hours, but they could have gone longer and been more crispy – we just wanted them for breakfast!

Super Pancakes
Pancakes! Yes, I know! I found this recipe here, but mine took longer to dehydrate. Perhaps I made them bigger.
Makes 4 pancakes
3 bananas, mashed
1/3 cup ground flax
1 tsp cinnamon powder
a drop of water to bind

Mix everything together and spread onto teflon dehydrator sheets. Spread as thin as you can with a spoon (dampen it if you have to, but don’t get the mixture too wet. I made one on each of 4 trays.

Dehydrate for 4 hours, or until the pancake will peel away from the sheet. Place another tray (with mesh) on the top and turn the whole thing over. Gently (and I mean gently!) peel away the teflon sheet.
Dehydrate for another 4 hours.
We had ours with fruit and cacao powder. I’d like to show you a picture, but we ate them too quick!
Take a look at Polly Noble’s pictures – ours were like that!

As with all dehydrator recipes, you could use a fan oven instead. Just put the oven on fan-only or on the lowest temperature and leave the door open a jar to let the heat escape.

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Dehydration, Dehydration, Dehydration

Published July 25, 2011 by Polana Fowdrey

I returned home at from a job interview at lunchtime today to discover a large box waiting for me.
My new dehydrator had arrived!
I bought an Excalibur which, according to all the reviews I’ve read, seemed to come out top for reliability and ease of use.
I only have room for a 5 tray, but hopefully that will be big enough.
Here she is:

I’ve named her Callie, (all my appliances have names!) Unfortunately she has to sit next to the (mostly unused) microwave, which I call Stinky Meat Monster because the previous owner cooked a lot of steaks in it!

Anyway, Callie is great. The design is very straightforward; just a metal box with slots in the sides to fit the five trays. The fan in the back dries the food fairly evenly, but anyways it’s easy to remove the trays and turn them round. they’re square! Each tray is a moulded plastic frame with a plastic mesh which fits neatly on top. It’s easy to clean and the front lifts off to make for beter access to the food.

I bough the dehydrator on eBay. It was new, never used and I got it for a much better price that if I had gone to an online shop, so I’m pleased (although my overdraft doesn’t agree with me!). I also bought some teflon sheets from Raw Living so that I can make cakes and crackers!

I couldn’t wait to get started so I began with a simple recipe that I’ve been wanting to make for ages:

Kale Chips 
There are probably hundred of recipes for Kale Chips. Here’s mine:
1 (200g) bag of Kale or a large bunch form the garden or shop (note to self: Grow Some Kale!)
1 tsp rock salt
5 dsp olive oil
4 dsp nutritional yeast flakes (I use Engevita. I hope that’s raw!)
1 tsp garlic flakes (dehydrated garlic)

Remove the stalks from the Kale, cutting away as much of the tough stuff as possible.
Mix all the ingredients in a large bowl, massaging the marinade into the kale leaves.
Spread onto dehydrator trays (use teflon sheets if you prefer) and dehydrate on 105˚F for 5-12 hours.

With Kale Chips, if you dehydrate them for longer, they will be more crispy; if for less, they’ll be chewier. Either way they are yum! I personally prefer them a bit chewy, with lots of marinade on, but that’s me!

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