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Pink “Rice”

Published March 19, 2012 by Polana Fowdrey

Pink Rice

This is so easy, so colourful and goes well with all sorts of dishes!


Organic Beetroot

Organic Parsnip

Salt and pepper to taste

Olive oil (optional)


Peel the vegetables if the skins are tough, otherwise just wash them and snip the ends off.

Chop into manageable pieces and put into food processor with S-blade.

Process until kibbled into rice-sized pieces.

Turn the kibbled veg into a bowl and stir in salt pepper and oil to taste.

Voila – pink rice!

What To Do With Beansprouts

Published June 13, 2011 by Polana Fowdrey
Today I ate beansprouts and I didn’t get E-coli and I didn’t die.
Not surprising, you’d think, but recently some beansprouts in Germany have been responsible for spreading the bacteria and caused several deaths and a lot of sickness. Basically, as far as I understand, it was due to poor farming methods, bad hygiene, etc. That sort of thing shouldn’t happen if you grow your own, or buy from a reputable source. I’d run out at home, so I bought some fromAconbury Sprouts because I know they’re good. I’ve bought them before.
I had quite a few for lunch, with a box of olives and that sustained me through a stressful kiln firing (which went on forever!)
Mr H had to go into work this evening, so I made this for his return:
Tricolore Bolognese
1 large courgette
1 large carrot
1 large beetroot
300g multicoloured baby tomatoes
1 generous handful beansprouts
½ red Romano pepper
about 9 olives
1 cm red chilli
1 tsp raw cacao powder
drop olive oil
slice lemon – flesh & juice.
Grate the courgette, carrot and beetroot over a bowl
Squeeze the juice out of the grated veg and place half on the plates. Spread it around the edge with a hole in the middle.
Chop everything else into small pieces (chop the chilli very fine,) and mix together.
Place a large dolop of “Bolognese” in the middle of your plates and add a bit of green salad.
Serves 2 greedy pigs or 3-4 sensible eaters.
Plus a glass of delicious vegetable juice to fight over!
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